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Does your business suffer from Administration overload? Ask yourself some of these questions:  

Do you spend more time “ON” your business and not “IN” it?
Do you spend more time on administration than other important income generating business matters?
Do you struggle to stay on top of your day to day administration needs? 
Does your administration take double the time because you don’t know how to do it or even do it well?
Does your administration workload exceed your current staffing levels and deadlines are frequently missed as a result?
Do you generate more ideas than you have time to implement and need someone to delegate to and follow-up for you?

www.yoozus.com What is a Virtual Administration Assistant?
A virtual administration assistant works from a remote location and handles all your business administration needs remotely.  

Who will benefit from a Virtual Administration Assistant? Any business who would like to: 

Save time and money on recruiting administration staff

Be assured that they will receive experienced, reliable support 
Save space and money in arranging temporary physical equipment such as laptops, desks etc.
Spend more time working “ON” their business and not “IN” it
Save the hassle of managing employee matters such as payroll taxes and superannuation
Outsource their work by the hour and not have to pay for redundant office support overheads

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