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The Change Gym

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We can help you achieve your goals faster and at less cost by providing:

1. Information about change readiness. Over 10 years of research (including PhD research into change readiness) has provided unique insights into the nature of change readiness, how to identify and measure it, and how to apply this knowledge to our personal and business lives. This information is currently taught in MBA and other management programs in Australian universities. If you are an HR manager, a consultant, a leader, or a senior executive, discovering more about change readiness will help you become more effective and open up more possibilities.

2. Training to develop change readiness. Through ‘The Change Gym’ we provide online training that will help you develop your change readiness. Whether you are a business owner, a manager, an employee, or just someone who wants get better at handling change, The Change Gym will help you grow in the right areas and help you become more effective in your personal and working life.

3. Tools and resources for recruiters. It makes very good sense to recruit people who are strong in change readiness. They are more adaptable and more likely to be part of the solution than part of the problem. Our proprietary tool ‘IRVEY’ is an online individual change readiness survey that will help recruiters determine who is strong in change readiness.

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