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Spring Real Estate

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in a lifetime…

does a company get the opportunity to challenge and change the traditional

methods of a particular industry. Spring is such a company for the real estate

industry. Just because something has been a particular way doesn’t necessarily

mean that’s the best and only way to do things. In fact a fresh perspective can

change everything for the better forever.

We’re Spring and we’re reinventing real estate...

Our focus is centred around the customers needs for services they require from us.

It is our belief is that there is a better way to do things for Sellers, Buyers, Landlords

and Tenants. Giving them what they want and at a flat fee. We’re here because we

believe that Australians have been paying way to much to sell their homes and

getting rather indifferent service for their money. So we are doing things differently…

People are joining the revolution. We hope you will see the difference and join too.
Revolution #1:

A better way to get a better price…

Getting a better price for your home in a timely fashion shouldn’t be a matter of luck.

And choosing the best sales method shouldn’t be a matter of opinion.

Auction? Private Treaty? Price Guide? Tender? By Negotiation?

Spring we don’t have a favourite method. Instead we guide you through a unique

step by step process that helps you set your target price with confidence and make

a clear informed decision on what sales method best suits your needs and situation

in the current market conditions.

Revolution #2:


At Spring nobody has buyers or sellers. This means that everyone works together

as a team to sell your home, and not as a individuals competing against one

another. Why? It’s so that no one is a Jack of All Trades and Master of None.

We, have specialist for certain areas that will look after you and ensure nothing

gets missed. Our agents don’t write ads or take photos, our ad team does this and

professional photographers take the photos. Our agents list, negotiate and sell your

home. We all concentrate on doing what each of us are best at.
Revolution #3:

One Flat Fee: $9,995 inc GST

At Spring we don’t see why you have to pay more to sell a $2million home then a

$200,000 home. It doesn’t make sense. As, it take the same amount of work and

effort. Our feedback was that 85% of people surveyed believed that $10,000

seemed was a fair amount of money to pay an agent to sell their home and we

agree. Whether you have a Tepee, Townhouse, Bungalow or Castle, it’s the same.

All our customers pay the same and receive the same high level of service no

matter what their home is worth.
Where are we…

Spring ensures that we can be located where you need us. We don’t have, and

never will have, a traditional shopfront like you would expect from our competitors.

At Spring we have ensured that every Australian gets a chance to experience our

difference. So, our shopfront is our website and if you need to speak to someone

our 1300 number gives you greater access and peace of mind.

We invest heavily in TV , Radio, Outdoor advertising and Social Media to ensure

that we share what we can do with as many people as possible. We don’t rely on

you to advertise your home in the Newspaper as traditional real estate agents often

do for the purpose to build their own personal profile. With 90% of all enquire for

buyers and tenants coming from online nowadays. Joining the revolution will open

up your options to get the best possible price for your property.

Here are some of what our customers say

about us to their friends and family:

We choose Spring for 2 reasons:

1) Their flat fee appealed to my wife and I. As pensioners we needed to know up

front how much the cost of commission.

2) From the moment we came into contact with them everything seemed to just

work out right.

We joined the revolution and glad we did…W Stephen

I saw them on TV, went to their website and registered to list my home the way I

wanted in a matter of moments. I had several agents come through over a couple of

weeks and it seemed I wasn’t getting anywhere and it was hard to differentiate

between what the others had to offer. Spring did everything I needed and I can say

it felt like they do the right things at the right time not the wrong things at the wrong

time like other agents. Thanks Spring… It really feels like they have reinvented real

estate Dr. O’Neill

Flat Fee and International Award Winning Advertising Team made sense, but when

you add in the mix friendly, hassle free and knowledgeable it was and will be a

winning combination. “They seemed like a breath of fresh air.” K. MacBeth