Panoptic Solutions Corporate Security

Panoptic Solutions Corporate Security

Full Description

PANOPTIC SOLUTIONS apply and execute security and medical services specifically tailored to our clients needs. We analyse our client’s requirements and create viable security solutions according to their needs and budget. We have the ability to operate independently or augment teams both domestically and internationally and can tailor to suit a wide range of individual requirements including:

·           Corporate & Executive Protection ·           Family Protection ·           Travel Security ·           Witness Protection ·           Travel Security ·         Transport Facilitation ·         Risk Mitigation ·         Paramedical Support ·         International Medical Procedures

Call Panoptic Solutions to discuss your security needs: 1300 651 407  

Our PersonnelPANOPTIC SOLUTIONS use only highly skilled personnel with backgrounds in Paramedical Services, Military, Specialist Law Enforcement, and internationally renowned Ronin (South Africa) Graduates.All of this enables us to focus a complete all encompassing approach to safety and security.

Contact us to discuss and tailor a plan to suit your individual requirements on: 1300 651 407 or send us an online enquiry

Panoptic Solutions Pty Ltd
Telephone:1300 651 407
ABN:74 117 069 82
Locations:Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney