Myamar Jewellery

Myamar Jewellery - simply the best choice you will make when it comes to opal jewellery.

Myamar Jewellery

Full Description

Myamar Jewellery consists of opals, pearls and diamonds – all in distinctively different shapes and sizes, each piece is created in abundance with gold and silver. The elegancy and passion Myamar Jewellery apprises upon is unique and spectacular, we truly believe in the beauty our Jewellery possesses and provides for each and every one of our customers.

For a piece of Australia’s true beauty it is essential you count on us. With the benefits of working straight from the source  - we cut the middleman completely out of the picture. Myamar jewellery is genuine, authentic and most importantly Australian. There’s nothing more disappointing then having a non-Australian sales person trying to sell and describe to you Australia’s National gemstone.

We are the miner’s, every opal pendant that is displayed and dispatched comes from the hands of hard working Australian’s. Angwin mining has over 50 years experience in the opal mining industry, it is time to reclaim the beauty opal apprises upon and recreate the unique allurement that opal presents.