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How to build a 5 star reputation online

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Consumers  are now using the internet to research products and businesses before they make purchases. They not only search for name and location of a business but also their reputation. They find out what other people  are saying about their purchase before making a decision.

A negative testimonial on the internet is there for all to see and will chase new clients towards your competitor

No comments at all are almost as bad because no-one has anything good to say

Times are changing Integrated Marketing Systems has developed strategies for making it easier for you to encourage your clients to leave 4 and 5 star testimonials or reviews all over the internet.

This in turn attracts new customers who have seen how your goods and services have helped others

If you have been unlucky enough to have had a negative review posted then we can dilute any bad effect this would have on your business.

Clients are moving to businesses that have the best reputation online and ten 5 star reviews are now recognised as being the absolute minimum to instil trust.

We are also upgrading clients to responsive websites which will adjust in size and shape to the device being used for searching the internet