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Helping small to medium Businesses on the Gold Coast with their people Matters

Human Resource Consultancy - Gold Coast

Full Description

Fresh HR Insights is working with Small to Medium Business as a Human Resource Consultancy all over the Gold Coast and surrounding areas with their people matters by looking at HR in a Different Light.

It doesn’t matter if you’re employing 1 or 100 employees getting it right is hard. Making sure you’re compliant and managing staff performance can be a massive headache. That’s why you need a HR Consultancy Service. Being a Gold Coast based HR Consultancy we can come to you – meaning no time away from the office.


There’s a huge range of federal, state and territory laws governing employment that are complex and hard to understand. Imagine discovering your business does not comply with the myriad of laws governing employment? You will be fined and ordered to pay compensation.


And what about those employees or managers who will not do the job they were employed to do? Trying to keep up with employment laws and staff performance can leave the best of employers at a loss. …


… You could end up paying thousands of $$$ in penalties and compensation, or paying for an ineffective employee. You could also waste hours of your valuable time wading through paperwork, sorting out claims, or trying to cover for ineffective employees.


Fresh HR developed from my passion to provide up to date compliance and above average staffing solutions to businesses on the Gold Coast. I understand how stressful red-tape and staffing problems can be, simplify your life. . I’ve developed HR Consultancy packages that are Fun, for the employer, maintain a Respectful service with a commitment to Excellence and a Steadfast staff, and provide a Humble approach to your business needs


Fresh HR Insights also offers workplace Training to help strengthen your business and staff development. The qualifications that we have are:


Certificate III in Business
Certificate IV in Frontline Management
Certificate IV in Human Resources
Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety


Employing a trainee in your workplace will be a rewarding opportunity for your organisation. It gives you the opportunity to help someone gain real skills in your workplace through both informal and formal training activities. If you choose to give a trainee an opportunity in your business, you may enjoy the added benefit of Incentive Payments from the Federal Government and training subsidies from the State Government for your trainee.


Benefits to the employer

An effective way to attract and recruit staff

There is a probationary period to ensure you have selected the right person

The training costs are met by the government

The training is conducted in your workplace

The candidate is trained specifically to your business requirements.

Traineeships often lead to increased productivity, worker motivation and staff retention