• Myamar Jewellery

    Myamar Jewellery

    Myamar Jewellery - simply the best choice you will make when it comes to opal jewellery.

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    Myamar Jewellery deals with a vast array of naturally amazing color in gemstones – all Australian made. We pride ourselves in our beautiful products, opal being our most genuine. We are the miner's, we mine the opal, dig it, polish it and most importantly set it - into an amazing piece in which we promise you won't be disappointed in.
  • Wedding Present Ideas

    Wedding Present Ideas

    Find the perfect present for that special couple on their wedding day

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    Wedding present ideas, products and articles to assist you to find and choose the ultimate gift at the best possible price.
  • Outdoor Furniture Gold Coast

    Outdoor Furniture Gold Coast

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    Alfresco Outdoor Furniture has an extensive range of quality Outdoor Furniture, Umbrellas and Garden Decor and Metal Wall Art. We represent brands such as Shelta, Swift, Leblon , ITC, Northcote and Meltoncraft. In addition, we carry nylon outdoor hammocks, weathervanes, sundials and a unique range of garden decor and gift ideas.