Bob Sharplin of Orinya cattle station brags about abusing animals in his care

Bob Sharplin Orinya Cattle StationToday I was gobsmacked to view a post on Brisbane animal save facebook page where one lowlife was bragging in the comments about the torture he puts his cattle through before slaughter.

“I send all my cattle to meat works I also hit them with a hot brand cut a chunk out of there ear and cut there horns off”

Bob Sharplin I am here to say you are a coward and  a weak human to not only do such acts to baby animals and enjoy it but to have the absolute ignorance and disconection to publicly brag about it on an animal welfare page.

So here you go Bob graduate of Coloundra State high, Orinya cattle station manager and all round speciesist you get your fame, Bob you left a lot of stuff about yourself public online for anyone to see before you started trolling animal charities didn’t you?


Bob Sharplin 2

Update on this post

Since we made Bob famous he decided to describe further the reasoning behind these standard industry practices of mutilating baby calves and taking them from their mothers.

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